The galloping Ghost of the Java Coast


Norman Reed



Norman Reed was one of 13 children. Im told he was a hard working kind hearted man. My father was the youngest, and to him, Norman was his hero and still is. We cherish his memory and we are so proud of his honorable service to our country.


Hi, I just saw your website and I loved it. My Uncle Norman Reed was a fireman first class on the ship when it sank. He lost his life aboard the Houston. he was one of 13 children and my father is the youngest of them. he is now 76 yrs old and he keeps a picture of his brother in the living room beside his chair along with a photo of the ship he died on. I am trying to learn as much as I can and gather as much information as possible in an attempt to help my Dad learn more about the fate of his beloved brother. I noticed there were no photos of him in the crew photo section. Im not surprised. We are finding photos very hard to locate if there are any. I am asking for any help you may be able to offer. I would like to see a photo of him posted on the site next to the others that he died along side. Anything would be very helpful and it would mean so much to my Dad. Uncle Norman is somewhat of a mystery. Thank you for helping to keep their memories alive. God Bless.


Warren W. Reed